UFC 274: Goodnight! André Fialho Puts Cameron VanCamp to Sleep

Andre Fialho and Cameron VanCamp, UFC 274
Andre Fialho and Cameron VanCamp, UFC 274 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

Since arriving in the UFC, welterweight Andre Fialho has been consistent in his desire to stay active — and on Saturday at UFC 274, the Portuguese fighter entered the octagon for the third time in 2022, welcoming Cameron VanCamp to the promotion.

VanCamp had signed with the company last year, only to have his debut pushed back due to a fight falling through. A solid talent on the regional circuit, VanCamp was getting a tough test in his UFC debut.

A little too tough of a test, as it turned out.

The first significant strike that landed in Fialho vs. Garcia was an overhand right by Fialho, but VanCamp took it. VanCamp did stun Fialho with a short combo after that, backing him up. VanCamp had some confidence after that, and started to press more but that’s exactly what cost him. Fialho landed a left hand, which VanCamp ate. VanCamp then threw an uppercut with everything behind it, leaving himself open — and Fialho countered him with another left hook. The exact same punch, essentially, but with a lot more behind it this time. The legs were gone, VanCamp went down, and the ref saved him from any further damage.

Official Result: Andre Fialho def. Cameron VanCamp by knockout (left hook), Round 1, 2:35