Bellator 280: Lorenz Larkin Finishes Off UFC Alum Kyle Stewart Inside of a Round

Kyle Steward and Lorenz Larkin (right), Bellator 280
Kyle Steward and Lorenz Larkin (right), Bellator 280 Credit: Bellator MMA

Now competing as a middleweight, former Bellator title challenger and UFC standout Lorenz Larkin returned to action at Bellator 280 in Paris on Friday — with short-notice replacement and fellow UFC alum Kyle Stewart stepping up to face him.

Larkin, the #6 ranked middleweight in the promotion despite just one fight in the weight class, held center early against newcomer Stewart, who fired out a number of kicks both low and mid-level. He mixed in a few stance switches, throwing kicks from both sides, but a right hand from Larkin soon had Stewart backpedaling. Larkin would walk Stewart down, they’d exchange for a moment, then separate, fighting at a steady but measured pace through the first half of the opening round.

In the second half of the frame, Stewart began capping off his combinations with kicks upstairs. Larkin fired a front kick at one point, and continued to dictate where the fight went, working his jab and backing Stewart up. Towards the end of the round, Larkin began pouring it on, and Stewart went down, eating a knee to the body and a number of punches. He covered up, but stayed active, moving and getting back to his feet. But before long, he was covering up again, eating some heavy punches from Larkin, and after two or three got through, the ref had seen enough!

For Lorenz Larkin, that is now six straight wins dating back to his welterweight run. And while he questioned his own ranking prior to the fight, it’s clear he’s a threat at 185 pounds.

Official Result: Lorenz Larkin def. Kyle Stewart by TKO, Round 1, 4:44