UFC 274: Fernie Garcia Is Looking To Put On A Show In Arizona, Wants To Fight In Texas And Mexico

Fernie Garcia wants to put on a show at UFC 274

After years of grinding on the regional scene, Garcia (10-1) finally makes his UFC debut after securing a contract on season five of Dana White’s Contender Series. Garcia comes into the UFC riding a five-fight win streak, with his only loss coming via a split decision in 2019.

At UFC 274, Garcia faces Journey Newson, who is coming off close to a two-year layoff. The UFC debutant likes the match-up, however, he understands that Newson is dangerous.

“I think it’s a great match-up. Not just for me, for both of us. I think it’s a great match-up to make it a great exciting fight. He has a big right hand, so of course, I’ll be careful with that, and he’s a black belt in jujitsu. I have good wrestling and good boxing. So it’s gonna be a little bit of a chess match,” Garcia told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview.

The 30-year-old knew who Newson was when he was offered the fight, because he is an MMA “nerd” and knows who all the bantamweights are.

“I did, but I’m crazy. I know who every 135er is. When I’m bored, I just go in and start looking for 135ers in the UFC and my competition. Even before making it to the UFC, I knew who all the 135ers were. I’m a nerd when it comes to that,” Garcia said. “I know all that 135ers, so when they offered Journey Newson, I knew who I really was. I knew he had won in Texas; I knew that he lost to [Randy] Costa. He’s a very experienced veteran, so I was really happy to prove myself against him.”

Garcia is very happy to be fighting in Arizona because they tend to go crazy for Mexican fighters. “I really want to be one of those guys that represent Mexico. I mean, all my interviews are in English, but I mean, Spanish is still my first language, and I really hope I can represent Mexicans… My style of fighting, it’s a crowd-pleaser. So I’m really glad some people will get to watch that and enjoy that.”

If all goes well at UFC 274, Garcia wants to turn around and jump on a Texas card as he lives and trains in Texas. An upcoming UFC Fight Night is going to Austin, TX, so a quick turnaround is possible.

“If I end up winning, my number one priority is to get on a Texas card, and hopefully a Mexico card later on the year. That’d be a dream for me, of course,” Garcia said.

Watch the rest of our interview with Fernie Garcia above. Garcia vs. Newson kicks off the UFC 274 prelims on Saturday, May 7, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona.