PFL 2 2022: Bruno Cappelozza Bought A House For His Family After “Happiest And Saddest Moment In My Life”

The last time Bruno Cappelozza was in the PFL smart cage, it was the happiest and the saddest moment in his life.

Cappelozza (14-5) returns to action for the 2022 PFL season as a defending heavyweight champion and one million dollars richer. Last year, the Brazilian heavyweight fought in a rematch with Ante Delija in the 2021 PFL Championship, coming out victorious in an absolute war.

Literally seconds after winning the belt and the million dollars, he was given the news that his father, Joao Cappelozza, had passed away three days prior to his championship performance. The news crushed the new heavyweight champion.

“It was the happiest and the saddest moment in my life,” Cappelozza told Cageside Press through his translator, Eduardo Lima. “My dad was my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He helped me get to where I’m at right now, so that was a tough day.”

Winning the belt was that much more special, according to the Brazilian. “It just made it even more special. I made it for an even more eventful moment, not only for myself but for my entire family.”

Family is essential to Cappelozza. His first purchase after winning his prize money was a house for his family.

“Thanks to God, I was able to purchase a house for my family,” Cappelozza said.

The Brazilian knocked out everyone during the 2021 season and plans to do the same this year. The first person in his way is Stuart Austin.

Watch the rest of our interview with Bruno Cappelozza above. Cappelozza vs. Austin is the main event of PFL 2 2022 and can be seen tonight on ESPN 2.