Bellator 277: Patricio Pitbull Takes Issue with Fighters Using Hair Gel to Grease

San Jose, CA — Patricio Pitbull had a guillotine sunk in deep on A.J. McKee in the third round of their Bellator 277 main event — but McKee eventually popped out of it.

That’s something that doesn’t sit well with Pitbull (33-5), who would go on to win the fight via decision, reclaiming his featherweight title in the process. The Brazilian, now a three-time Bellator MMA featherweight champion, singled out what he feels is the problem following the event.

“I want to bring attention to the commission about these fighters that keep putting gel in their hair,” he told media outlets including Cageside Press following the fight. “I know they’re not doing it on purpose, I don’t believe [McKee] is that type of person, but this is the second time I’ve gotten the guillotine, the first one is [Henry] Corrales, he had a lot gel in his hair. And today, A.J. McKee had a lot of gel in his hair.”

Again, Pitbull reiterated that he doesn’t believe it was done on purpose, “but that thing was tight and he was able to slip his head out, and he was very slippery because of that gel he puts in his hair. I want the California commission to start paying attention to that, all commissions really.”

Per the Unified Rules of MMA, “Absolutely ‘no’ body grease, gels, balms, lotions oils, or other substances may be applied to the hair, face or body” of any fighter. The rules took effect in California on January 1, 2017.

Outside of the choke failing to seal the deal, Pitbull appeared satisfied with the fight overall. “I was taking all his attacks, and I was in the middle of the cage all the time,” he told Cageside Press. “I hit him, I hit him hard, and he put me down. That was a good fight. We got the victory.”

Nor did the now three-time featherweight champion feel slighted by the media attention ahead of the fight, which was arguably slanted in favor of McKee. “Things like that is normal. We saw A.J. McKee undefeated all this time. It’s okay,” offered Pitbull. “I don’t care about that. But I knew I was coming here to take the victory, and we did that.”

“He’s tough, he’s really good but the real king is here,” he added.

As to whether a trilogy now transpires, well, that might depend on weight class. Earlier in the night, McKee said he was done with featherweight. Pitbull, likewise, appears finished as a lightweight.

“I don’t know. The featherweight division is my division. I fought in the lightweight division because of Michael Chandler. My brother has the belt. I don’t care about that division. If he wants to fight me again, he has to come to the featherweight [division]. That’s it.”

Watch the full Bellator 277 post-fight press conference with Patricio Pitbull above. More coverage from the event can be found below.