UFC 273: After Year Plus Layoff, Anthony Hernandez Spoils Josh Fremd’s Debut

Anthony Hernandez and Josh Fremd, UFC 273
Anthony Hernandez and Josh Fremd, UFC 273 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

Competing for the first time since his Submission of the Year effort against Rodolfo Vieira over a year ago, Anthony Hernandez was set to welcome Josh Fremd to the octagon at UFC 273.

Fremd, a former LFA middleweight champ, was looking for his third straight win overall. The 28-year old’s only loss since 2018 had come against another LFA alum and current UFC fighter, Gregor “Robocop” Rodrigues.

Fremd opened up with a good leg kick to start the UFC 273 preliminary card bout, and Hernandez responded with a takedown attempt. Fremd defended and landed another leg kick and both land in a wild exchange.

In the clinch Fremd landed some good knees. Hernandez dropped to the legs and cut the corner to put Fremd down. Fremd got back up and Hernandez took him right back down. Threatening to take the back, Hernandez pulled guard for an arm-in guillotine. Fremd escaped but Hernandez was still partially on his back. Back up, Fremd eventually got away. Hernandez marched Fremd right back against the cage and got an easy takedown. He allowed Fremd back up and Hernandez landed a combination and another takedown along the cage. The round ended with Fremd working again to get back to his feet.

Right out of the gate in round two Hernandez swarmed Fremd and got the takedown. Fremd kept getting taken down but did a solid job of always getting back to his feet. Fremd was on his knees taking elbows from Hernandez; he was able to roll over and wind up on top. Hernandez scrambled and Fremd that time threatened with a guillotine. Hernandez got back to his feet and Fremd got to the legs and took it back down. Hernandez got back up again and Fremd landed two good knees off the break. Fremd hurt Hernandez with a right hand and came forward. He came forward right into a front choke from Hernandez. It looked tight but Fremd escaped and the round ended there.

Like in round two Hernandez just bull-rushed Fremd against the cage and got a quick takedown early in the third. Another takedown soon after and Hernandez again threatened the neck of Fremd. Fremd kept moving but Hernandez was all over him with the sub attempts. Hernandez took the back and was relentless in trying to attack the neck. Hernandez stayed busy on top and ended the fight attempting an inverted triangle.

After over a year on the sidelines, it was Hernandez getting his hand raised at the end of this one.

Official Result: Anthony Hernandez def. Josh Fremd by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


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