UFC London: Jack Shore Takes Decision Over Timur Valiev

Jack Shore and Timur Valiev, UFC London
Jack Shore and Timur Valiev, UFC London ceremonial Weigh-In Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Undefeated Welsh bantamweight Jack Shore was in action at UFC London on Saturday, taking on another top-flight prospect in Timur Valiev.

Shore was leading the charge for Welsh MMA, alongside Bellator’s Brett Johns, and fellow UFC London fighter Cory McKenna. Russia’s Valiev, meanwhile, was looking for his third straight win.

Both men start the round feeling each other out, Shore looking for a clinch and both trading some calf kicks. Shore pressures Valiev through 3:30, keeping him on the back foot which is the plan him and his team had coming into this bout. Valiev continues to land solid calf kicks through the three minute mark and follows it up with a takedown that Shore is able to quickly get back up and clinch Valiev against the cage. Heavy low kicks are the story through round one. Close round.

Round two starts the same way the first ended with both getting straight to it and Shore landing a quick takedown. Valiev is not deterred though and quickly makes it to his feet and secures a takedown of his own. Shore is again able to work to his feet at the 3:10 mark and create some distance. Shore is able to work his combos very effectively, landing two nice right hands, leading to another takedown from the clinch at the 59 second mark. Continuing the story of this fight Valiev is able to secure a takedown after getting back up and Shore almost immediately pops back up. Yet again another very close round and fight through two.

Shore lands a huge right hand, knocking down Valiev almost immediately. Shore attempts to work to the back, but Valiev is able to shake it off and create some distance. Valiev locks in a guillotine and attempts to submit shore, but shore is able to reverse it and gain top control before the two minute mark. Shore once again drops Valiev at the 59 second mark, but Valiev shows his toughness and continues to fire back. Shore is able to secure another takedown at the 29 second mark of the third, were he will continue to maintain top control for the rest of the round.

After a very tough fight Jack Shore continues his very impressive win streak and moves onto 16-0. Valiev moves to 18-3 after this bout, but loses no stock and showed that he is one of the toughest guys in the 135 division. A great performance from both sides was on display and continues the trend of BW being one of, if not the toughest division in the UFC.

Official Result: Jack Shore def. Timur Valiev via Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)