Weekly MMA Prospect Report: London’s Calling

Salahdine Parnasse KSW
Salahdine Parnasse Credit: KSW

KSW 68 | Poland | Saturday

Featherweight, Salahdine Parnasse (16-1-1)

Parnasse is an amazing talent who has a bright future in MMA. At only 24-years-old he’s already the KSW featherweight champion (two-time). The Frenchman has only fought one opponent with a losing record. Parnasse would prefer to keep the fight on the feet where he can use his effective movement and a good kickboxing base. On the feet, he does a good job of moving in and out and really loves to attack with leg kicks, which set up his strikes better. One of his best attributes is his cardio as he can fight at the same pace for three rounds, which often puts him above his foes. Parnasse has five wins by submission, all coming via choke, so he is well-rounded in all areas. He fights Daniel Rutkowski (13-2).

Pro FC 70 | Russia | Saturday

Featherweight, Shamil Gasanov (11-0)

Gasanov is undefeated in MMA and even before that has excelled in combat sports. He’s a two-time World and European grappling champion. Also, Gasanov is a three-time Pankration champion in Russia. Gasanov is good everywhere but excels more when he lands takedowns. His grappling is top notch and as his wrestling could be better there is no question he’s a good wrestler. With only a few minor adjustments he’s a problem. He fights Akhmed Balkizov (11-3-1).

Heavyweight, Batradz Gazzaev (3-0)

Gazzaev started his MMA journey just last July but still had a lot of experience as a wrestler. He was a junior champion and a Russian national champion in 2013. A really good background in freestyle wrestling and had some really good success. So far in MMA, Gazzaev has dominated bell to bell. Getting early takedowns, dominating top position, and landing constant ground and pound until the ref steps in. To get the fight down as soon as possible has been the story. So far, his striking hasn’t been tested to see how he fares if he can’t get the takedown. He’ll throw looping strikes to close the distance to work the takedown. Gazzaev isn’t a guy you want closing the distance on you. He’s extremely physical just bullying grown men on their back. He fights Amirkhan Isagadzhiev (4-2).

Combat Night Pro | US | Saturday

Middleweight, Valentine Woodburn (5-0)

For pure entertainment value, Woodburn is definitely on the watch list. Woodburn is 5’8″ of pure strength and power. Woodburn trains out of a solid camp in Fusion Xcel Performance out of Ocoee, Florida. He’s a heavy-handed powerhouse and a strong wrestler. Woodburn hasn’t shown nearly enough to suggest he’s a top prospect but he is worth watching. He fights veteran Joilton Lutterbach (35-10).

BantamweightSteven Koslow (5-0)

Koslow is purely a grappler that has submitted all his opponents inside one round. Not much shown of his striking, instead it’s used to close the distance. He has done a great job pressing guys against the cage and dropping to the legs and getting the takedowns. His jiu-jitsu is sharp easily getting dominant positions and finishing from there. Koslow with good positional grappling is a huge submission threat. He fights Michael Imperato (9-4).

SteelFist Fight Night | US | Saturday

Welterweight, Montel Williams (5-0)

Williams is a smart articulate fighter. He’s gone the distance more times than he’s finished the fight and that attests to a well-conditioned fighter. Montel is a jiu-jitsu guy that has good wrestling. He has technical grappling and more than anything, he’s a grinder. Someone that will frustrate a lot of guys. He fights Gadiel Genao (1-0)


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