Kevin Holland Helps Subdue Shooter at Houston Sushi Restaurant

Kevin Holland UFC
Kevin Holland, UFC 272 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Kevin Holland and a friend are being hailed as heroes following a shooting at a Houston area sushi bar.

Holland and Patrick Robinson, a friend of the UFC star, subdued a man who had discharged a firearm inside the restaurant late Monday night.

Multiple police vehicles responded to the incident at RA Sushi in the Highland Park area of Houston, only to find Holland and Robinson already had the man detained. According to Robinson, who was interviewed by KPRC2 News Houston, “me and my buddy [Holland], we ran to the shooter, got him down, strangled him, took the gun from him, and then called the police, the police came and got him.”

Holland declined to be interviewed on camera by local media, but did post snippets of the aftermath on his Instagram story, along with a message: “I laugh a lot even when things aren’t funny. I smile when I should frown. Super blessed and thankful to see today. Kiss ya kids hug ya family and treat random people with care. You never know what a mfer (sic) may be going through.”

The suspect in the case, an unidentified 24-year old man, was found in possession of narcotics, and has been charged with multiple felonies including possession of a stolen gun, and discharging of a firearm.

Despite up to 50 people being present inside the restaurant, no one was injured. As Holland later added on Instagram, “not even the shooter.”

This is not the first time Holland, 29, has shown his heroic side. Last year, he took down a car thief with a scarf hold. Holland last fought — inside the octagon we mean — at UFC 272 last month, where he picked up a TKO finish of Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira. The fight was Holland’s welterweight debut for the promotion, after spending the start of his run there as a middleweight.