UFC 272: Maryna Moroz Gets Last Word, Submits Rival Mariya Agapova

Maryna Moroz and Mariya Agapova, UFC 272
Maryna Moroz and Mariya Agapova, UFC 272 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

There was another grudge match on the UFC 272, besides the heated rivalry between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington.

While that fight capped off the night, women’s flyweights Maryna Moroz and Mariya Agapova had their own score to settle — and it certainly was nasty. Moroz had made accusations of drug use, stalking, and threats of violence, leading to Agapova calling her out to “punish” her for the claims.

In all honestly, Moroz vs. Agapova might have been the more genuine grudge match at UFC 272. Even if the pair played nice during weigh-ins, there was bad blood aplenty. And in the end, it wasn’t Agapova doing the punishing.

To kick off the fight Saturday, the pair circled, plenty of feeling out going on before Moroz put her opponent against the fence. An extended takedown attempt would ensue, with Agapova initially fighting it off, and landing elbows — some of which earned her a warning for being a little too vertical. Moroz then finished the takedown attempt and took the back, looking for a rear-naked choke. Agapova would fight that, and eventually transition to the top, only to fend off an arm-bar.

That spirited sequence continued with Agapova taking the back, but Moroz would free herself as they went back to the feet, and reversed along the fence. She began stomping away at Agapova’s feet to close out the round.

Moroz went right back to the clinch to open round two. It took about a minute, but she would drag Agapova down. This time, Moroz would get on top and look for an arm-triangle choke. When she couldn’t secure it, Moroz switched to ground n’ pound, dropping nasty shots on her rival, who rolled to her back. The barrage continued, elbows and punches, Agapova covering up, occasionally rolling, but doing little to defend. The next time she rolled to her back, Moroz locked in the arm triangle choke, and put on the squeeze. There was no hope of escape, and Agapova soon tapped.

Moroz might have held on to the choke for an extra second or two, before the ref broke things up. She would, however, attempt to bury the hatchet, shaking her opponent’s hand afterwards — then took to the mic to bring attention to the war in her native Ukraine.

Official Result: Maryna Moroz def. Mariya Agapova by submission (arm-triangle choke), Round 2, 3:27


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