Self-Defense Trainer Dale Brown to Corner Joaquin Buckley at UFC Vegas 48

Dale Brown
Dale Brown Credit: Youtube

Mike Perry had his girlfriend corner him for a UFC fight. Diego Sanchez for some reason let School of Self-Awareness leader Joshua Fabia do the same for him. When it comes to unusual corner selections, to date, those two have stood out as the strangest — but Joaquin Buckley is giving them a run for their money.

Per a report by TMZ, Commander Dale Brown, whose self-defense videos have become a viral (and highly mocked) sensation online, will be in Buckley’s corner at UFC Vegas 48. The Fight Night card goes down this Saturday, and sees “Newmansa” face off with Abdul Razak Alhassan in a middleweight showdown.

The best thing you’ll watch today is Brown teaching Buckley some of his D.U.S.T (Detroit Urban Survival Training) techniques.

According to TMZ, Brown has been licensed by the Nevada Athletic Commission to serve as a corner in the fight. “There are going to be surprise tactics never seen before used in the MMA UFC Octagon,” he told the outlet. “This collaboration is going to be totally unexpected and these new Detroit survival tactics will be just as unexpected.”

Per the D.U.S.T. website, Brown combined “Kyokushin, Japanese Karate, Hapkido Korean Karate, Aikido Japanese Martial Art, Japanese Jujutsu, Japanese Judo, JKD, and Chinese Qinna/Chin Na,” to create something he calls the ECLECTIKAN Survival System. Dating back to the early 90s, the name itself merges “eclectic” with “Kan,” a Japanese suffix representing a place of learning.

While numerous media outlets, Youtube channels, and even a few fighters have worked to debunk Brown’s methods, Buckley appears to at least be looking to capitalize off his notoriety.

Buckley is 3-2 in the UFC, and in 2020 had the Knockout of the Year with his two-touch spinning kick on Impa Kasanganay. Last year, he went 1-1, and will enter UFC Vegas 48 off a knockout win against Antônio Arroyo.