Bellator 273: Sullivan Cauley Lands Biggest Win Yet Against Big Tuna

Sullivan Cauley and Ben Parrish, Bellator 273
Sullivan Cauley and Ben Parrish, Bellator 273 Ceremonial Weigh-In Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

Ben Parrish, perhaps better known as “Big Tuna,” became a smash hit when he smashed his way through light heavyweight prospect Christian Edwards last year.

In his return to the Bellator cage, Parrish was paired up with another prospect, Sullivan Cauley: like Edwards, undefeated, also like Edwards, training partner of a world champion — in this case Ryan Bader.

They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place (that’s actually a myth), and that proved true Saturday, as it was Sullivan Cauley’s night.

“Big Tuna” opened the action with a big kick, but it was Cauley later grabbing a leg and dumping Parrish on his back. Parrish tried to trap a leg, and land upkicks, but Cauley got to side control. Parrish looked to hip escape, but Cauley wound up in half guard, working in some ground n’ pound.

Parrish would next chase a kimua, but wasn’t in position to finish it; the ground n’ pound then got worse, with Parrish soon bloodied. Cauley got to mount, but Parrish gave up his back then scrambled. Still, Cauley was dominating, trapping one hand and landing a ton of damage, forcing Parrish to cover up. Soon enough, ref Mike Beltran had seen enough, waiving off what turned out to be a one-sided affair.

Official result: Sullivan Cauley def. Ben Parrish by TKO, Round 1, 4:35