UFC 270: Michel Pereira Admits Andre Fialho Surprised Him

Anaheim, CA — After a close first round that went to his opponent, Michel Pereira put on his usual dazzling display of acrobatic striking in rounds two and three against Andre Fialho at UFC 270.

Picking up his fourth straight win, Pereira (27-11, 2NC) once again defied critics who claim his explosive style is too exhausting.

As for the rough opening round, Pereira told media outlets including Cageside Press following the fight that he was simply testing Fialho. “I was trying to see what he had. And he surprised me,” Pereira admitted. “I was really surprised, because the idea was just to asses things, and that really got me.”

Fialho was making his promotional debut in the fight, so perhaps Pereira’s surprise is to be expected. At the same time, the newcomer had been battle-tested in the likes of Bellator MMA and the PFL.

Between rounds, Pereira’s corner told it like it was. That’s by design, the Brazilian fighter explained.

“I always tell my people to tell me the truth. So at the end of the first round, as you heard, they said ‘you lost the first round. You lost it.’ The thing is, after the second round, all I needed to do was impose my rhythm and do what I set out to actually do.” Pereira reiterated that the “only reason” he’d dropped the first frame was the decision to probe his opponent’s skill set. “If I had done what I was meant to do from the start, I feel that I wouldn’t have even lost the first round. It was really because I was testing him to see what he had, and he really surprised me.”

As for questions about his cardio and criticism of his style, at UFC 270 Pereira showed once again that he can perform right to the final bell. “This sport that we’re in, a lot of things happen and they change the game, and change what ever you plan to do and what you set out to do. I’m always expecting, and I feel I have the stamina, to go ten rounds, but there are things that happen that might hamper that a little bit.”

They didn’t seem to hamper “Demolidor” too much on Saturday, however. The win leaves Pereira on a four-fight win streak dating back to September 2020.

Watch the full UFC 270 post-fight press scrum with Michel Pereira above. More coverage from the event can be found below.