UFC 270: Michel Pereira Wins Spirited Bout Against Andre Fialho

Michel Pereira and Andre Fialho, UFC 270
Michel Pereira and Andre Fialho, UFC 270 weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Andre Fialho walked into UFC 270 a slightly unknown underdog, having competed for Bellator and the PFL during a lengthy career outside the octagon. He wanted to walk out of the Anaheim event playing spoiler to Michel Pereira’s three fight win streak. With Fialho bringing a level of intensity to the weigh-ins, it was clear he was ready to shine under the bright lights of a UFC PPV.

From Muslim Salikhov, to Andre Fialho. From UFC Vegas 46, to UFC 270. Michel Pereira had to contend with a few changes ahead of his main card welterweight showdown on Saturday — but when the time came, the Brazilian was ready to put on a show.

Andre Fialho came out to start the first round with a high amount of pressure. As the fight progressed, Michel Pereira lunged off the cage throwing a superman punch. A beautiful jab landed from Andre Fialho which sent Michel Pereira stumbling. Power shots begin to land from Andre Fialho. Fialho did significant damage to the nose of Pereira. A slip from Pereira had Andre Fialho land some damage before the round ended.

Pereira came out in the second landing with damaging blows to the body, which slowed Andre Fialho as the round went on. As Michel Pereira backed Fialho against the cage, Fialho was still throwing punches. Pereira was really opening up, adding jumping attacks, spining attacks, and the high-octane assaults he’s best known for. “Demolidor” got a take down towards the end of the round. He busted up the eye of Andre Fialho leaving a huge cut above the eyebrow.

Respect shown by both men to start the third round, with the fight likely on the line. Pereira went back to landing the front kick to the body of Fialho. Another very close round as both men continued to land. With thirty seconds left, Michel Pereira landed a groin strike that halted the fight briefly. Back underway, Andre Fialho and Michel Pereira continued back-and-forth strikes as the bell sounded to end the fight.

With the unanimous decision win, Pereira has now won four straight. He’s become appointment television for the UFC.

Official result: Michel Pereira def. Andre Fialho by Unanimous Decision  (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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