UFC 270: Michel Pereira Invites Andre Fialho to Test His Jiu-Jitsu Skills


Anaheim, CA — Brazilian welterweight Michel Pereira has heard Andre Fialho’s criticism of his ground game.

During the UFC 270 media day on Wednesday, Fialho, a UFC newcomer, questioned the ground skills of “Demolidor,” saying he heard from others who had trained with the Brazilian that, frankly, his ground game was “not that good.”

Later in the day, Pereira (26-11, 2NC) gave his response.

“I saw in the interview, he said that I’m not very good on the ground,” Pereira began. “I want to tell him that I’m a black belt in jiu-jitsu. And for his information, I’m very good at jiu-jitsu. I haven’t been able to show all my skills at jiu-jitsu in the UFC yet. And if he wants to know if I’m good or not, he may come and test with me.”

Whether or not Fialho accepts, Pereira will be ready. No matter where the fight goes. “I’m the type of fighter that I go along where ever the music goes,” he stated.

While the fight with Fialho was originally scheduled for last week, and despite Fialho himself stepping in on short notice to replace Muslim Salikhov, Pereira told Cageside Press on Wednesday that “there was no change. I’m very prepared for this fight as always. Nothing changed, because I was able to remain with the same weight. So, that’s everything ready for this coming Saturday.”

The switch to a higher profile show, however, is a welcome one for Michel Pereira. “I’m very happy to be on the card, and the UFC is looking at me a different way. I like it. Getting good opportunities. I want to thank the UFC for this opportunity, to be on this card.”

While known for his flashy capoeira style inside the cage, Pereira has changed up a few things in training, he also noted. “I changed many things, re-organized things with my trainers in Brazil, so I’m now much more prepared. This time I prepared myself a lot more. It doesn’t matter who’s going to be [my] opponent, I’m very prepared for Saturday.”

Watch the full UFC 270 media scrum with Michel Pereira above. Pereira faces Andre Fialho at this Saturday, January 22, 2022 as part of the event’s main card, live on PPV. More coverage of Wednesday’s media day can be found below.


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