After Rocky Start to UFC Career, Jamie Pickett Says “I’m Not Timid Anymore”


Las Vegas, NV — Jamie Pickett didn’t exactly get a proper camp for his fight with Joseph Holmes at UFC Vegas 46 on Saturday.

That was something of a theme at the event, which was stitched together with whichever fighter was willing to step up. Pickett, who improved to 13-6 with a unanimous decision victory over “Ugly Man Joe,” was originally scheduled Caio Borralho.

Not getting a full camp, however, didn’t throw Pickett off his game. “No, just he’s a human. I’m going to have to fight everybody anyways, right? We’re all going to have to fight each other at some point,” he noted, speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press following the event at the UFC Apex. “It’s different, but you’ve got to do it. It’s your job, it’s what you came to do. We signed on to fight.”

When it comes to who he wants next, now that he’s sitting on a two-fight win streak, Pickett replied with “Whatever.”

“I just talk to my manager and my coaches, I let them decide things. I’m like a woman with food, I don’t like to choose where we eat, I don’t like to choose all that stuff, I like to be told. More like a soldier, I like to be told, I don’t want to make a plan.”

Wanting to be given his marching orders doesn’t apply just to opponent selection, but the time frame as well.

Heading into UFC Vegas 46, Pickett was once again the underdog, as he has so often been. Pickett gets it. “I haven’t shown much, so I can understand. I get it. I would put me as the underdog too, I haven’t shown much.”

“I was timid a lot when I first got here,” he continued. “I’m not timid anymore. I’ve gotten used to the cameras, like I said. I’ve been seeing a shrink for keeping it out of my head, using meditation methods to kind of block out the cameras. I don’t even look up. If you see me when I start, I try not to look up as much. I don’t want to see the camera. I like seeing the people in the audience, but I don’t like the cameras. So I just try not to look at it.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 46 post-fight press scrum with Jamie Pickett above. More coverage can be found below.


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