RIZIN 33 Weigh-In Results: Gomi Vastly Outweighs Tenshin

Tenshin and Takanori Gomi, RIZIN 33
Tenshin and Takanori Gomi, RIZIN 33 weigh-in Credit: RIZIN FF

RIZIN 33 is official — and MMA legend Takanori Gomi will vastly outweigh kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa when they meet in a “special rules” contest on New Year’s Eve.

In what amounts to an exhibition boxing match, Gomi will weigh 75.30kg, just over 166lbs, if not more come fight night. In comparison, Nasukawa hit the mark at 62kg, or 136.69lbs, at Thursday’s weigh-in.

Nasukawa will be competing what is likely his swan song for RIZIN FF, having announced earlier this year that he intends to move to boxing full time. With that in mind, Tenshin’s RIZIN 33 appearance has been marketed as his “last dance” — though he has a kickboxing superfight booked later this year against K-1 champ Takeru that RIZIN appears set to at least co-promote.

“I get sad when I think about this being my last fight in RIZIN,” Tenshin was quoted as saying in a press release on Thursday. “I actually don’t want to think about it. I might cry while watching the pre-fight video.”

Also on the RIZIN 33 card, Roberto “Satoshi” Souza will defend his lightweight title against Yusuke Yachi, while the bantamweight grand prix will come to a close. Full weigh-in results are available below.

RIZIN 33 Weigh-In Results

Roberto Satoshi Souza (c) (70.90kg) vs. Yusuke Yachi (70.85kg) – for the RIZIN FF lightweight championship
Yutaka Saito (62.00kg) vs. Mikuru Asakura (65.90kg)
Tenshin Nasukawa (62kg) vs. Takanori Gomi (75.30kg) – Special Rules Bout
Rena (49.90kg) vs. Si Woo Park (49.80kg)
Ayaka Hamasaki (48.86kg) vs. Seika Izawa (48.85kg)
Koji Takeda (70.90kg) vs. “Black Panther” Beynoah (70.90kg)
Shoma Shibisai (111.05kg) vs. Hideki “Shrek” Sekine (118.15kg)
Kyohei Hagiwara (65.80kg) vs. Hiroaki Suzuki (65.90kg)
Kouzi (61.95kg) vs. Ya-Man (61.85kg) – kickboxing
Shibatar (88.65kg) vs. Yuta Kubo (76.20kg) – Special Rules Bout
Kazuma Sone (69.90kg) vs. Shinobu Ota (60.95kg)
Yuki Motoya (61.00kg) vs. Kintaro (60.80kg) – bantamweight grand prix reserve bout
Hiromasa Ougikubo (60.95) vs. Naoki Inoue (60.90kg) – bantamweight grand prix semifinal
Kai Asakura (60.95) vs. Kenta Takizawa (60.95) – bantamweight grand prix semifinal
Kota Miura (65.60kg) vs. Yushi (62.45kg)