UFC: Justin Gaethje Sees Current Fighting Style As “More Methodical, but Just As Exciting”

Las Vegas, NV — In recent years, UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje’s game has seen an obvious evolution.

The man known as “The Highlight” has developed from a brawler into a more measured, yet no less exciting, fighter who picks his moments — which has brought him increased success against tough opponents like Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler.

Gaethje also has a strong wrestling background to fall back on — primarily folkstyle wrestling — but despite that, he’s never considered just going out and fighting as a pure wrestler, opting not to throw hands.

“No, I’ll never think that,” he told Cageside Press ahead of Friday’s World MMA Awards. “Absolutely that’ll never be me. My fights are more methodical, but just as exciting. You’re losing nothing.”

Gaethje is next in line for a title shot, which will come sometime in 2022 against Charles Oliveira. On the off chance it comes early, Gaethje will need to battle the Christmas bulge with the rest of us. His advice?

“I think you should enjoy the Christmas holiday, eat some cookies, but work out through it,” suggested Gaethje. “Whatever you eat, if you work it off, it ain’t gonna kill you. You just gotta work it off.”

Asked what his walkout track will be for his second shot at gold, Gaethje said he hadn’t decided. “Walkout music, I am not sure. I didn’t even pick my last walkout song until the day they asked me. I need to get on that now probably if I want to pick what I want.”

Watch our full chat with Justin Gaethje ahead of the World MMA Awards above.