Kayla Harrison Still Has Love for PFL: “Even I Don’t Know What I’m Going to Do Yet”

Las Vegas, NV — Try as we might, we couldn’t get an answer from Kayla Harrison on what her ultimate decision will be in regards to her current free agency.

That’s because even the two-time PFL champion and two-time Olympic gold medal winner doesn’t know yet.

Putting the question to her in the style of The Bachelorette ahead of the World MMA Awards on Friday, we tried to see which suitor — the UFC, or Bellator — was set to win her over. “I’ll tell you what, she’s had dinner with a couple of those new guys, and they’re very charming, very nice, very sweet, has nothing but good things to say about them,” replied Harrison with a laugh. “But her heart still has love for the PFL, so she’s still up in the air. She doesn’t know who she’s going to give the last rose to, or not rose to, I don’t know how the show works.”

On a more serious note, “nobody knows,” Harrison told us. “Even I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.”

In the meantime, Kayla Harrison is now a two-time millionaire, which has led to an upbeat Christmas for her and her children.

“You know, Christmas was good in the Harrison household this year. That’s all I’ll say. Santa was very pleased with the kids. To be honest with you, every single day I get a new package, and I’m like ‘I bought what? Why did I buy a Kitchen Fire Pizza Set that makes actual pizza for the kids?'”

Watch our full interview with PFL World Champion and current free agent Kayla Harrison above.