UFC Vegas 43: Adrian Yanez Will Mourn The Loss Of Saul Soliz After His Fight

Las Vegas, NV — Adrian Yanez will mourn his coach after his fight at UFC Vegas 43 this Saturday.

Yanez (14-3) returns for the third time in 2021 against his most formidable opponent yet, Davey Grant. However, there will be one big piece of his fight puzzle that will be missing, “the godfather of Texas MMA,” his late coach Saul Soliz who passed away in August.

Yanez hasn’t even had time to really mourn the death of his coach.

“Everyone knows that my coach passed away. Like, I- even through all of this stuff now, it’s been pushed out. I’m being 100% honest right now; it’s all pushed away. I haven’t dealt with any of it. Like once this fight is over, then I will deal with it because this is really important to me,” Yanez said during Wednesday’s UFC Vegas 43 media day.

Without his coach, the 27-year old said that this training camp was hard because he would show up to his gym hoping to see Soliz.

“At times, it was hard because, during morning sessions, I would be walking in, and I would usually see him sitting down in this certain spot, and then we would greet each other. I miss those small moments,” Yanez said. “So yeah, there were some hard moments, but knowing how my coach was, he was the kind of guy that would be like ‘I don’t want anyone being sad about my death or crying.'”

“It’s a celebration of life, and that’s exactly how I’ve been treating it,” Yanez finished.

Watch the rest of Adrian Yanez’s UFC Vegas 43 media day interview above. More coverage from the event can be found below. The card takes place this Saturday, November 20 at the Apex in Las Vegas.