UFC 268’s Frankie Edgar: “This Is The Life That I Chose”

New York, NY — Nobody in the history of the UFC has more cage time than former lightweight champion and future Hall of Fame member Frankie Edgar. Who, at 40-years-old, continues in his quest for more UFC gold at UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden on November 6.

Edgar (24-9-1) is coming off a scary KO loss to Cory Sandhagen in February. A jumping knee landed clean on Edgar, and put him out before he hit the canvas. Fans wondered if it was possible that Edgar’s career would come to an end with the amount of damage he’s taken over the course of his mixed martial arts journey, especially with his children now old enough to understand what they are watching.

“It was definitely an unfortunate thing the way that knockout went down. A little scary looking at the time but it is what it is man,” Edgar said during Wednesday’s UFC 268 media day. “This is the life that I chose. I put it on the line and that’s how it is. My kids do they give me input, not about that stuff, they’re definitely into what I do. But I don’t go asking my kids for any advice about my career.”

His opponent at UFC 268, Marlon “Chito” Vera, has become a real contender for the bantamweight belt and a threat to Edgar’s path to UFC gold. To Edgar this is nothing new with his resume littered with big names and former champions.

“I think I’ve fought who’s who in a couple weight classes. Max Holloway, Jose Aldo, Cory Sandhagen, Ben Henderson. Those are all pretty good guys.”

Vera has been very vocal about finishing Edgar before the third round of the fight, a fact not lost on the former lightweight champion. Edgar spoke about his willingness to go for the finish as well.

“I go out there to put everyone away if I can, you know. Not always the easiest thing to do but my foot’s always on the gas pedal and I’m always on the offensive. So if the opportunity rises I’m going to definitely jump at it.”

For fans and media who are wondering if Frankie Edgar is ever going to be done fighting, he had one message:

“I’m going to be fighting on my death bed.”

Frankie Edgar takes on Marlon Vera on the main card of UFC 268, November 6 at MSG.

Watch the full UFC 268 media day appearance from Frankie Edgar above. More coverage of the event can be found below. UFC 268 takes place Saturday, November 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY.