UFC 267 Results: Andre Petroski Submits Durable Hu Yaozong

Hu Yaozong and Andre Petroski, UFC 267
Hu Yaozong and Andre Petroski, UFC 267 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

It took loads of submission attempts and many clean shots, but Andre Petroski got a finish in his fight against Hu Yaozong at UFC 267.

After joining the UFC by way of The Ultimate Fighter 29, middleweight Andre Petroski entered his second fight in the promotion Saturday, taking on China’s Hu Yaozong.

The UFC 267 preliminary card bout was the second fight on Saturday and saw Yaozong, who had started his run in the promotion at heavyweight, fight for the first time since 2018.

Petroski started early by jumping in with a leaping left hook that landed clean on Hu twice in a row. Hu tried to keep Petroski at distance with a big head kick, but after a slip, while attempting the kick he went down and Petroski jumped on with a slick guillotine attempt. Petroski wasn’t able to get the guillotine but had Hu’s back and looked for a rear-naked choke attempt while dropping bombs. However Hu scrambled out and the two went back to the feet where Petroski was landing more bombs. Petroski landed loads of big shots as Hu had little striking defense, but Petroski wasn’t able to get him out of there and was gassed heading into round two.

Petroski opened up with a big takedown to start round two but Hu quickly scrambled out. However, after a quick combination, he was on his back again. Petroski then dominated the rest of the round on the mat, as Hu was able to scramble out of all of Petroski’s submission attempts he wasn’t able to get anything off. He was able to scramble up to end the round, but he ate a big elbow on the exit which didn’t help matters.

Petroski predictably shot for a takedown to start round three and was stuffed. However, after landing a clean left, he was able to get a takedown on his second attempt of the round. Hu was able to scramble up, but Petroski landed a brutal 1-2 that landed clean. Hu was naturally unfazed, and tried to walk forward but was taken down once again. Petroski landed some big elbows from half-guard before moving to attempt an arm-triangle-choke. It took seemingly a million submission attempts throughout the fight, but he finally sunk this one in and got the finish.

Official Result: Andre Petroski def. Hu Yaozong via submission (arm-triangle choke) 4:43 of Round Three. 


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