LXF 6: Aaron La Farge Plans To Finish Cody Davis, Wants A Fight With Jake Hadley

Aaron La Farge
Photo via Aaron La Farge's Facebook

Aaron La Farge plans on finishing his opponent this weekend at LXF 6.

La Farge (4-1) returns to Lights Out Xtreme Fighting on October 30 when he meets undefeated fighter Cody Davis (3-0). La Farge will be looking for this second win in the promotion after he submitted Artur Arutyunyan back in August.

The flyweight from California plans on getting his second finish in the promotion by any means necessary.

“I’m going to be hunting for a finish. He is a decision fighter; I’m not. I’m a finisher, as you can see on my record. I know in the bigger leagues, that is what they like. They don’t like point fighters; they don’t like decisionators. That’s not me,” La Farge told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview. “I’m interested in what he is going to bring to the table. I feel like I’m going to dictate where this fight is going to be finished at. I don’t know if I’m going to finish him on the feet or the ground, but I’ll take either one.”

La Farge is looking to make a run to get into the UFC, and it starts with a win over David on Saturday. Once he gets to the promotion, there is already a name he wants, Jake Hadley. The pair had some words over Twitter, and La Farge intends to fight him eventually.

“There’s a guy named Jake Hadley. We had some beef back and forth before he was in the UFC. Cage Warriors, the organization he came out of, has been having fights in California. I was talking to the matchmakers and trying to make the fight happen. He basically turned it down. He didn’t say yes. It was a little upsetting,” La Farge said. He would go on to say that he has the style to beat Hadley and would love to fight him in the future.

Watch the rest of the interview with Aaron La Farge above, where he speaks about his MMA origins, the flyweight division, his fight last fight at LXF 5, his upcoming fight with Cody Davis, and more. The event takes place Saturday, October 30, at the Burbank Marriott in Burbank, California, and can be seen on fubosportsnetwork.com for free.