UFC Vegas 39 Results: Chris Gutierrez Defeats Felipe Colares Via Split Decision

Felipe Colares and Chris Gutierrez, UFC Vegas 39
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - OCTOBER 09: (R-L) Chris Gutierrez punches Felipe Colares of Brazil in their bantamweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on October 09, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC)

Bantamweight action kicked off a modified five-fight main card at UFC Vegas 39 on Saturday.

That bout saw Chris Gutierrez up against Felipe Colares, with both men entering the night off lone wins. Gutierrez 4-0-1 across his last five, the lone blemish a draw in his second to last fight. Colares, for his part, had been trading wins and losses over his last four.

Both men took the center of the octagon following a touch of the gloves. A high kick from Colares started the fight; Gutierrez kicked him back. Both men exchanged a few more kicks before Colares missed a with a right hand. Colares landed another body kick, and Gutierrez countered with a nice right hand. Colares rushed Gutierrez landing a punch, and then put him against the fence. Gutierrez utilized double underhooks and flipped Colares putting him against the cage. Two minutes left in the round, and Gutierrez landed an uppercut and then went for a takedown which Colares defended. Colares put Gutierrez against the fence, but Gutierrez reversed again. Both fighters exchanged leg kicks to end the round, with Colares attempting a jumping switch kick and a round house kick.

Colares started with kicks in the second round, and Gutierrez countered with his own. Colares was getting wild with his striking, and Gutierrez was making him pay. Gutierrez  landed jabs as Colares was throwing body kicks. Gutierrez landed a head kick, followed by more jabs. With 90 seconds left in the round, Colares shot for a takedown, but Gutierrez defended. Gutierrez reversed the position and got back to the center of the octagon. Gutierrez landed a calf kick followed with a nasty hook to the body. Gutierrez tripped and landed on his back to end the round.

The fighters touched gloves again to start the third round. Colares threw a combo and shot for a takedown, but Gutierrez defended that. Colares kept Gutierrez against the fence, and Gutierrez reversed it yet again. Gutierrez landed another body shot while Colares missed a high kick. Several low kicks and jabs landed for Gutierrez. Colares finally landed a takedown and put Gutierrez on his back. Colares landed some short ground and pound while in Gutierrez’s guard. Gutierrez escaped and started piecing Colares up on the feet, actually hurting the Brazilian. Gutierrez landed a last-second takedown, and Colares reversed it to end the fight.

Official Result: Chris Gutierrez defeated Felipe Colares by split decision (28–29, 30–27, 30–27)