Miesha Tate Slams Aspen Ladd: “It’s One thing To Miss Weight, It’s Another Thing To Try And Cheat The Scale”

Miesha Tate, UFC
Miesha Tate Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate felt a little feisty on Twitter Saturday night.

After UFC Vegas 38 ended, former bantamweight champ and current No. 8 ranked fighter Tate slammed Aspen Ladd on Twitter.

“It’s one thing to miss weight, it’s another thing to try and cheat the scale and use every excuse in the book to not weigh in properly. Everyone saw you cheat and still came in a lb over. I bet you were every bit of 139,” Tate wrote.

The next morning, Tate would send out another tweet responding to the question “Why was she allowed to skip the digital scale that everyone else had to get on?”

Tate wrote, “Because she wanted to cheat the real scale and she knew if she checked beforehand that she couldn’t explain why the lbs suddenly disappeared when she got behind a curtain she could grab onto.”

The tweet from Tate was in response to Aspen Ladd missing weight for her fight against Macy Chaisson on Friday, causing the fight to be canceled. Ladd first weighed in at 141lbs, fully clothed. She would next need a barrier to be brought in as she stripped down. After a scary scene that had her struggling to maintain her balance and not holding her arms upright, Ladd would eventually weigh in at 137lbs, one pound over the limit.

According to Ladd, the fight was offered to Chaisson, who declined the fight, resulting in the fight being scrapped for a second time. The UFC announced only that the fight was cancelled due to Ladd missing weight.

There is no word of the fight being rebooked for a third time. The pair were previously scheduled to face off in July, only for a stress fracture to force Chiasson out.

Ladd had wanted to fight Tate in July after the fight was canceled the first time.

As to Tate’s tweet, it can be assumed that she was implying Ladd was trying to cheat the scale by moving around and not maintaining her balance. Ladd wrote on her Instagram and Twitter that she was on her period, which caused problems.

Ladd’s head coach Jim West responded to Tate on Saturday.

Please try and stand still, with hands in the air while dehydrated, dizzy, and nauseous all while trying to hold yourself because you are bleeding. You better hope you never have to fight Aspen. Oh wait you probably won’t you coward,” West wrote.

He continued by adding “Wrong Miesha. They let her skip it because they didn’t want her naked there and she had no clothes other than the sweats she was wearing. Concentrate on your fight with Ketlen it won’t be easy for you. Good luck.”

Ladd responded to Tate on Sunday, calling Tate a pioneer but saying she didn’t wish to engage with the negativity the situation had brought.