UFC Vegas 38: Macy Chiasson Details Why She Had to Pull Out of July Date

Macy Chiasson has detailed the reason she pulled out of her fight with Aspen Ladd in July.

Just two days before UFC on ESPN: Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw was supposed to take place, Chiasson pulled out of her co-main even fight with Aspen Ladd. The reason she gave in July was a stress fracture in her foot.

On Wednesday at UFC Vegas 38 media day, Chiasson detailed the events that led to the withdrawal.

“Yeah, so I injured myself in camp. It was probably about three weeks before the fight. So, it was the last 10 seconds of my last round for that night, and I went to throw a front kick, and the girl that I was sparring picked her leg up, and I hit it with the bottom of my foot, which jolted my ankle,” Chiasson told reporters. “I was like, okay cool, I’ve kicked elbows, I’ve kicked knees, you know? So, it hurt, but it wasn’t anything that I haven’t experienced before, but I noticed later that night it started tingling pretty bad, and then when I woke up the next morning, it was swollen.”

“The side of my foot was all purple, black, and blue. When I went to step and put weight on it, the pain was excruciating. [It affected] everything such as walking, running, bouncing on my foot, basically fighting. I went to my chiropractor, and they initially said it was a deep bone bruise.”

Chaisson said that she and her team tried to treat with ultrasounds, red lights, scraping it, and ice baths but noticed her injury wasn’t getting better. Walking, and basically, anything barring weight, was getting difficult.

“I couldn’t run at all. So what we decided next was to get an x-ray to rule out any really bad breaks…The x-ray came back negative like they didn’t see anything so, a week goes by, and I cast my foot. I’m not even sparring in shin guards because I can’t pick up my leg and put it down. I basically fought flat-footed. It worked for a while,” Chaisson laughed. “The following week, I went to go get a Cortisol shot because I was still in pain, and we had decided that we were still going to fight, my coach and I.”

While Chaisson was getting her Cortisol shot, the doctor said that she was in too much pain for her injury to be a bone bruise. Instead, they recommended to get an MRI, which Chaisson did and it was revealed to be a stress fracture. Unfortunately, the stress fracture had no time to heal because of the pressure she had put on it.

No matter how much pain Chaisson was in, she decided she would fight; however, a few days before fight night, the pain became too much.

“Come fight week, I’m able to move on it pretty well… so Thursday we were doing a little bit of mits, and I threw a, I’m not going to lie, a shitty kick, awkward with my foot, and I put it down, and that was it. It was bad. Ten outta ten pain,” Chaisson said.

Thankfully the fight was rebooked pretty quickly, and Chasson and Ladd will finally collide on Saturday.

Watch the rest of Macy Chassion’s UFC Vegas 38 media day interview above. More coverage can be found below. The event takes place Saturday, October 2, 2021 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, NV.