A Reminder of Just Who the UFC Lightweight Champion Is

The UFC Lightweight division has historically been home to some of the biggest names in the sport. But for whatever reason, for the first time in the division’s history, current champion Charles Oliveira is probably the least talked about fighter amongst all the other big names in the weight class.

Understandably, the UFC promotional machine hasn’t put its full force behind the champion, as Olveria doesn’t give them much to work with. He doesn’t speak a lick of English. And he has shown zero desire to do the whole phony trash talk gig, which has become commonplace in fight promotion to drum up interest in otherwise ordinary match-ups.

But just because he isn’t keen on the self-promotion train, doesn’t mean there isn’t an amazing story to be told. And an incredible fighter to be promoted in Charles Oliveira. The sport of MMA has had many non-English speaking stars over the years. Look no further than Anderson Silva, who rarely spoke in English, but ascended to the top of the sport regardless. With that in mind, there shouldn’t be any limitations on Oliveria’s star potential.

If Dustin Poirier gets the next title shot, it’s Oliveria who would be the true A-Side of that fight. He’s on a nine-fight win streak with victories over the likes of Jim Miller, Kevin Lee, Tony Ferguson, and Michael Chandler. “Do Bronx” has won more post-fight bonuses than you can shake a stick at, and he holds the UFC’s submission record, having surpassed the legednary Royce Gracie.

Then there’s the somewhat untold story of Oliveira’s childhood, and the illness he had to overcome.

Here’s to hoping that when the fight does happen, that the UFC makes an effort to push their champion and treat Charles Oliveira with the respect he so clearly deserves.

For more on Charles Oliveira be sure to check out the video above!