Could Diego Sanchez, YouTuber “FPSRussia” Fight for BKFC? “Nightmare” Open to It

UFC Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez Credit: Dave Mandel/

Following his UFC release, Diego Sanchez has been in negotiations for a few months now to make his BKFC debut, and an unexpected possible opponent has emerged.

So strap in, this is a bit of a weird one.

Diego Sanchez’s UFC tenure came to a close earlier this year following a fallout with the promotion, due in large part to issues with Sanchez’s trainer Joshua Fabia. Fabia battled with UFC officials over Sanchez’s medical records, how he was treated, and many inside and outside of Sanchez’s inner circle thought he was being taken advantage of by the trainer and founder of the School of Self Awareness.

Eventually, the UFC had enough of Fabia and Sanchez, releasing the Hall of Famer in April 2021. Sanchez parted ways with Fabia soon thereafter and began focusing on the next steps in his fighting career. A home soon emerged in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, with Sanchez attending a few of their events, and in July BKFC President David Feldman suggested that Sanchez was likely to sign with the promotion.

BKFC is known for having multiple UFC legends and former greats on their roster, but recently they’ve been experimenting with celebrities fighting under their banner as well. Rapper Blueface faced TikToker Kane Trujilo at BKFC 19 in just one example. However, the promotion may soon be matching up the influencers and the legends in the ring.

According to the man himself, Kyle ‘FPSRussia” Meyers, BKFC offered him a contract to fight “The Nightmare” on a PPV in the near future. On the “Painkiller Already” podcast which Russia hosts, he laughed off the idea— however he would retract that statement the following week, saying he would do the fight for a certain figure.

It seems that figure may have been reached, as Russia said on the preshow of “Painkiller Nearly” 367 that he is going to begin trolling Diego in the coming weeks to hype a potential bout with the former UFC fighter, and encouraged his fans to do the same.  Sanchez responded on Twitter to talk of the fight, saying that he was there for it, and called Russia “steroid guy.”

Cageside Press reached out to Sanchez for comment, and “The Nightmare” responded that he hasn’t received any official bout offer yet. But, he added, BKFC was going through their options and due to FPSRussia’s following, he would be down for a potential fight.

Will the fight happen? Who knows, however even if it doesn’t, it is still one of the strangest pieces of fight news to break in quite a while.