Who is Next for Jake Paul Following His Win Over Tyron Woodley?

Jake Paul
Jake Paul walks out for his boxing match. Photo: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

Jake Paul passed the test of Tyron Woodley, and once again there are several opponents from the world of sports that stand out as possible foes for his next fight.

Is Jake Paul’s assault on the MMA world over?

After thoroughly routing a respected veteran in Tyron Woodley, “The Problem Child” appears to have exhausted the storyline of fighting past their prime MMA fighters.  While it is an approach that has made him a major talking point in 2021, asking fans to pay their hard earned money to see a similar bout in the near future is unlikely to happen.  Like any fighter, fans will want to see someone push him to the limit.  Or in his self-created case, see him face a mountain that he can not overcome.

It should be noted, his matchmaking is a tried and true approach to developing young talent.  Pitting young prospects against either less talented opponents their size or smaller but more skilled foes in order to develop as fighters is a strategy that has existed for years in combat sports.  Paul facing four consecutive opponents that were undersized is no coincidence.

But while young fighters toiling away in anonymity may get away with building their skills and records for longer periods of time, Paul is different.  His development has taken place as a pay-per-view headliner of large scale productions due to his pre-pugilistic fame.  As such, the public also expects him to take an accelerated climb up the ladder if they are to continue going along with his career on the other side of a paywall.

Here are several opponents that could find themselves in the ring with “The Problem Child” in his next outing.