UFC Vegas 35 Results: Wellington Turman Snaps Losing Streak, Defeats Sam Alvey

UFC Vegas 35 Wellington Turman
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 28: (L-R) Wellington Turman of Brazil punches Sam Alvey in a middleweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on August 28, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Wellington Turman got back on track at UFC Vegas 35, taking home a split decision victory over veteran Sam Alvey.

“Smilin'” Sam Alvey might be one of the more popular fighters on the UFC roster, always good for a stand-and-bang sort of brawl. But fan goodwill can only take a career so far, which left the man with the million-dollar smile in must-win territory at UFC Vegas 35.

Heading into his fight with Wellington Turman, Alvey was 0-5-1 across his last six fights, split between light heavyweight and middleweight, where he would compete on Saturday. That was far more leeway than most fighters with similar losing streaks get. Turman, meanwhile, had lost two straight, and without Alvey’s fanbase, he was also in a tough spot.

No touch of gloves for the pair of fighters to start the fight. Turman landed a straight right and a front kick. Turman landed a leaping hook and put Alvey against the fence. Alvey Turman’s takedown and eventually reversed Turman. Turman threw a sping back kick to Alvey’s thigh and landed it. Alvey landed a counter hook.

Turman poked Alvey in the eye, which halted the action at 2:16. The action resumed, and Turman leaped in with a hook, and Alvey countered it with a punch of his own. Alvey put Turman against the fence with 90 seconds left. Turman reversed Alvey. They broke the clinch, and Turman threw a spinning elbow that cut Alvey’s cheek. Round one ended with Turman landing a takedown.

Round two started with a couple of Turman low kicks. Turman threw a spinning kick which missed. Another low kick from Turman, and he shot in for a takedown. Alvery defended it and clinched with Turman. The two break the clinch and meet in the middle of the octagon. Alvey landed a straight punch. Turman threw a spinning kick again but missed. 1:17 left, and the pair clinch after a punch from Alvey. Turman landed a high kick that was partially blocked. Turman threw a front kick and spinning back fist. The round ended with Alvey rushing Turman after he ate a kick.

Round three started with Turman landing a roundhouse kick to Alvey’s body. Alvey landed a few heavy jabs that made Turman shoot for a takedown. Alvey defended the takedown. 2:50 left, and Turman landed a spinning back fist. Alvey put Turman against the fence, and nothing major happened.

Turman poked Alvey in the eye again, and Turman was docked a point because of it. Five seconds after they started again, Turman poked him again. The referee took another point.

The fight resumed, and both of the fighters exchanged heavy hooks. Turman appeared to hurt Alvey, but he let him off the hook. The fight ended with Alvey in a clinch.

Well, that was a fight.

Wellington Turman def. Sam Alvey by Split Decision (28-27 x2, 27-28)