UFC 265 Results: Tecia Torres Still Too Much for Angela Hill

Tecia Torres and Angela Hill ahead of UFC 188. The pair are set for a rematch at UFC 256
Tecia Torres and Angela Hill ahead of UFC 188 Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

A rematch years in the making, Tecia Torres and Angela Hill met for the second time at UFC 265.

The first meeting of the strawweight pair saw Torres get her hand raised over Hill, who was by far the less experienced fighter at the time. In the years since, Hill had become one of the most active fighters on the UFC roster; Saturday’s second meeting with Torres gave “Overkill” the chance to show how she had grown from all that cage time.

Incredibly, in their first meeting, Torres had twice the experience as Hill (six fights to three). Come Saturday, Hill was entering her 18th UFC fight, while Torres was entering her 18th fight as a pro period.

While Torres was the quicker fighter in the opening minutes of Saturday’s main card strawweight scrap, Hill was able to catch a kick, and dump her opponent on her back. Torres would make it back up, and the pair would battle for position along the fence. They’d drop down again, pop back up, and eventually move back to center. Hill would fan on a spinning back fist later in the round, and close the frame seeking for a takedown she could not complete.

Torres fired a couple of side kicks early in round two, an attack she had employed in the opening frame as well to keep Hill at bay. Torres’ advantage continued to be in the speed department, as she was simply not there to be hit by many of Hill’s strikes. As she did in the first round, Hill caught a kick; this time, she was unable to get Torres down. Torres showed her power in a clinch later in the frame, absolutely bullying her opponent. Hill proved to have a chin, but through two rounds, she was losing the fight.

Round three saw Hill fighting Torres against the fence early. The “Tiny Tornado” easily broke free, and forced Hill to chase her. Hill had spent too much of the fight walking into punches, and the third frame was no different. A late takedown by Torres sealed the deal, with the scorecards merely a formality.

Hill fought with determination and showed a solid chin, but as she had been six years prior, Tecia Torres was simply too much for her.

Official Result: Tecia Torres def. Angela Hill by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 29–28)