UFC Vegas 32: Darren Elkins Admits “He Was Hurt But Was Never Out Of It”

Las Vegas, NV — “The Damage” was hurt in the first round of his fight Saturday with Darrick Minner, but was never out of it.

Blood, Cardio, and an amazing comeback are what you can expect from a Darren Elkins fight. Well, he gave everyone those three things at UFC Vegas 32 once again.

After being dominated in the first round by Darrick Minner, Elkins used his superior cardio and never-die attitude to come back and finish his opponent in the second via TKO.

Elkins ate some nasty ground and pound in the first round, including some vicious elbows, but he said he was never out of it.

“I was hurt, he hit me with a couple of big freaking shots. He hit me on my neck; I have a knot right here [as he pointed behind his head], he got caught me a little bit. But, I was never like out of it. I was a clear mind, you know, he put me in a few positions where I was like ‘uh-oh, I’m stuck, I got to get moving now, or they’re going to stop it.’ But I was never really that hurt,” Elkins told Cageside Press during his post-fight interview. “I mean, I was hurt, but I was never like, I’m going to lose, or I lost a little bit of consciousness. That’s the type of fight I’m usually in anyways.”

After losing four straight, the long-time UFC veteran is now on a two-fight win streak. Elkins didn’t have anyone in mind at the moment, but he’ll find someone when he and his team sit down and start looking.

“I need to sit down and look. I was just really focused on this [fight]. You start getting a little ahead of yourself sometimes, and I feel like it’s a death wish,” Elkins said. “For this one, I was solely focused on Darrick Minner. I’m going to sit down in the next week or so and start throwing names out in my head and we’ll start calling out some people. I’m not looking for a top-10 opponent. That’s two in a row after coming off four in a row that I lost. I’d like another fun matchup, a tough guy, maybe a seasoned veteran like me. That makes sense, you know.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 32 post-fight press conference with Darren Elkins above.