UFC Vegas 32: Adrian Yanez Disappointed In Performance Against Randy Costa But Ranks Win Highly

Las Vegas, NV — Adrian Yanez was upset with his performance at UFC Vegas 32. However, he ranks the win over Randy Costa very high compared to his 13 other wins.

Fighters can be very hard on themselves, and many are their own harshest critics. Yanez (14-3) received his third Performance of the Night bonus in three fights Saturday, yet he was disappointed in his showing overall.

“Honestly, it’s one of those that I’m not impressed by my performance at all. Like, it was a great fight, and I know it was a great fight for everybody else to watch because Randy came out really strong, and I started really slow. So I’m pretty upset about how I started off really slow because I’m always looking for perfection, and I know it’s impossible to get there,” Yanez told reporters during his post-fight interview. “Man, I’m really upset about my first-round performance. I have to do better, especially if I really want to be in the top 25, top 15, top 5, and if I want to hold the belt one day, I have to, I absolutely have to start cleaning up that part of my game. I have to.”

Yanez is now on a seven-fight win streak and is 3-0 in the UFC with three knockouts. Of his 14 wins, the Texas native said the win over Costa ranks high.

“This one ranks really, really high because he was the first one to actually put me in this type of position. He was outclassing me for about a minute or two. You know, the toughest fight I had after this one was a fight with Kyle Estrada, but it wasn’t to this— This is the first time since my second professional fight that I came out looking like this,” Yanez said as he pointed to his face, noticeably was cut and bruised.

“So it was tough, and it ranks really high. Honestly, it’s one of my favorites even though at the same time, I’m still so pissed off about my performance; it still ranks really, really high because I respect Randy so much, and I respect what he has done, and I respect what he stands for. Just the fact that we were able to go in there and create such positivity and around this fight, it just ranks super high to me.”

Yanez didn’t have a next opponent in mind, but he wants to fight in September in front of fans.

Watch the full UFC Vegas 32 post-fight press conference with Adrian Yanez above.