UFC Vegas 32 Results: Darren Elkins Mounts Second Round Comeback, Stops Darrick Miner

Darren Elkins and Darrick Minner, UFC Vegas 32
Darren Elkins and Darrick Minner, UFC Vegas 32 Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Veteran Darren Elkins faced another experienced opponent Saturday at UFC Vegas 32, as he clashed with fellow featherweight Darrick Minner.

Elkins entered the bout off a win over Luiz Eduardo Garagorri, a submission finish that had snapped a four-fight skid. Minner, meanwhile, was looking for his third straight victory inside the octagon, after joining the promotion on short notice at UFC Norfolk last year. The difference between the two? Both grappling experts, Elkins had 24 UFC fights to his name. Minner was entering his fourth.

Opening up the featherweight affair, Minner threw out a kick, answered by a sharp hook from Elkins. In the clinch, Elkins peppered the body, but Minner locked on a guillotine. Elkins pulled free, charged into a takedown, and had to fight off another choke. While Elkins did get the fight to the ground, it was Minner getting on top, locking on a triangle, then switching to an arm-bar. That looked nasty, but Elkins survived; he’d work up along the fence, earning a knee for his troubles. Moments later, he was back down again, and Minner was looking for another front choke. Showing his own ground game, Elkins rolled into a leg lock attempt, but that exposed him. Minner began dropping some heavy strikes, and Elkins, already bleeding, appeared hurt.

It was mere moments before Minner was on top and in the driver’s seat once again in round two. The Glory MMA fighter again went looking for a guillotine; when he didn’t have it, Minner used it to transition into a dominant position. Or tried to. Elkins flipped the script and got on top. Elkins managed to trap Minner in a crucifix next, and was taking a large number of unanswered punches, though he did manage to get back to half-guard. That relief wouldn’t last long. After being out-classed in the opening round, Elkins turned up the pressure in the second, continuing to wail on a tiring Darrick Minner. Eventually, the ref had seen enough, leaving Elkins with the ground n’ pound TKO finish.

Following the win, Elkins called for a fight in October, saying he was seeking out fun match-ups.

Official Result: Darren Elkins def. Darrick Minner by TKO, Round 2, 3:48