Weekly MMA Prospect Report: European Prospects Stand Out

Lucia Szabová
Lucia Szabová Credit: Tapology

Not too much action on the MMA prospect front this week, but keep an eye on the European side of things, as ACA and Oktagon have some noteworthy fighters in action.

ACA: Young Eagles 19 | Russia | Saturday

Featherweight, Abdul-Malik Saidullaev (9-0)

Saidullaev is a bright young prospect out of Russia. He’s a long lengthy guy who throws good strikes at his preferred range. He’s more of a wrestler and a good one at that. Saidullaev strikes well to close the distance and shoots so low on the legs he’s hard to fend off. The Russian has some impressive grappling especially his positional grappling. He’s always is control of every movement and at anytime will attack the neck. He fights Rustambek Nurzhanov (8-4).

Oktagon 26 | Czech Republic | Saturday

Bantamweight, Lucia Szabová (3-0)

Szabova, although with little experience in MMA, has a ton in muay thai. She has a 39-5 record in muay thai and is a national champion. The muay thai has shown out so far but she’s actually had more wins by submission using the armbar as a pro. In her last fight, she scored a highlight-reel head kick knockout. Szabova is a young fighter that still has tons to learn. She fights Cornelia Holm (4-3).

Bantamweight, Farid Basharat (6-0)

A product out of a good camp in London Shootfighters, Farid Basharart has some real potential. On the feet, he fights comfortably with his hands low relying on counters and movement. He also switches stances frequently and uses a lot of backward movement. Basharat mainly fights in bursts when standing, throwing many flying knees. That said, he takes a lot of risks. Basharat has excellent kickboxing and a wide diverse attack. He’s stronger on the mat and to get it there he has a good single leg and trips along the cage. Jiu-jitsu is his best weapon even if that is just with control or winning important scrambles. He fights Janne Elonen-Kulmala (16-8-1).

Flyweight, Tereza Bledá (3-0)

Bledá is only 3-0 but prior to turning pro, she took part in the Oktagon Underground tournament. Bleda won three fights in three months and was crowned as the Underground winner. In that tournament, she beat good prospects in Magdaléna Šormová and Lucia Szabová while also beating former UFC fighter Lucie Pudilová. Doing that with little experience is super impressive. Outside of some nice leg kicks she utilizes Bleda doesn’t have much to offer on the feet. Where Bleda excels is when using the excellent wrestling she has. Once she gets it to the mat she has nasty ground n’ pound and smooth jiu-jitsu. She fights Edna Oliveira (10-7-1).

Welterweight, Felix Klinkhammer (5-0)

Klinkhammer is another product out of London Shootfighters who is an unorthodox fighter. He’s a very tricky fighter with a divers kickboxing attack. He can be a little too flashy with the spinning attacks more. Klinkhammer excels on the mat as four of his five wins come by submission. He has aggressive jiu-jitsu, good ground and pound, and as diverse he is on the feet he’s even more so on the mat. Klinkhammer fights Anatoly Tarasenko (6-3).