UFC 264 Results: Max Griffin Takes Decision Against Carlos Condit

Max Griffin UFC 264
Max Griffin, UFC 264 official weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

“The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit was looking for his third straight win on Saturday at UFC 264. Having put some distance between himself and a recent skid, Condit was booked against a game opponent in Max Griffin — in a fight that carried with it a serious Fight of the Night possibility.

Griffin came out with leg kick that pushed Condit back. That set the tone for the opening round of Saturday night’s featured prelim. Griffin continued to press forward and work the leg kick. Condit switched stances and Griffin landed another leg kick. Condit fired back a high kick and Griffin replied with two more leg kicks. Condit threw a pair of high kicks that missed the target and Griffin continued to chop the lead leg of Condit. That was going to cause issues, as Condit wasn’t checking the kicks.

Condit launched a combination that looked to have found its mark later in the round, and Griffin threw a counter right. At range Griffin kept piling on the leg kicks. Condit threw a spinning side kick followed by left hand but Griffin closed the distance to exchange. Griffin landed a combination that stunned Condit and sent him back. Griffin pounced on the downed Condit but Condit recovered and scrambled back to his feet. Condit now looked to open up a bit and pressed the action but round came to a close. It was clearly Max’s round.

Round two opened with Condit throwing a high head kick that Griffin blocked. Condit again moved in to engage and he found some success with a straight left hand. Griffin fired back with a looping right hand. Griffin now went back to leg kicks and finally Condit checked one. Condit then again found his target with a hard straight left hand that pushed Griffin back. Condit continued to press and Griffin looked like his pace had slowed. Condit closed the distance and landed a solid right elbow. Griffin circled and Condit looked to close the distance. The two exchanged a pair of body kicks to close out the round.

Heading into the third, it was still anyone’s fight, with Griffin claiming the first, and Condit arguably taking the second round.

Griffin came out early in the third round with 1-2 combination and he looked to press the action on Condit. Griffin then sprang forward with a combination followed by a kick that Condit caught. He tried to throw Griffin to the mat but Griffin was able to escape. Condit landed a nice left hook and Griffin answered back with a big combination that found its target.

Condit then found some distance and landed a stiff jab and followed it with a another left. Condit followed up looking for a takedown but Griffin defended well and fired back with a knee. After they separated Griffin hurt Condit with a hard right that sent Condit back into the cage. Griffin followed and took Condit to the mat, where he looked to end it. Condit was able to defend and get back to his feet but Griffin held on and for a moment Condit looked to lock in a standing Kimura. He gave that up as Griffin dropped for another takedown. Condit got the underhook and rolled with Griffin, taking his back and bringing him to the ground where he was in position for the choke— but it was too late for him to do anything more as the horn sounded to end the fight.

Official Result: Max Griffin def. Carlos Condit by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27 )