UFC 264: Michel Pereira Wants Nate Diaz After ‘Spectacular Fight’ with Niko Price

Michel Pereira, UFC 264
Michel Pereira, UFC 264 official weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Wildman Michel Pereira (25-11-2) returns to the octagon for his sixth UFC fight this weekend, and he is fighting a man that can match him in wildness. He fights Niko Price on the UFC 264 ESPN prelims. That’s a fight many have circled as a can’t-miss affair.

In an exclusive interview with Cageside Press, Pereira talked about his fight with Price, what he wants next, and his fight with Khaos Williams last year.

How was training camp?

My training was very good. As a result, I am in great shape physically and mentally.

In your last fight, you got a big win over Khaos Williams; how did you rate your performance?

In my last fight, I fought a very tough guy. He’s a very tough guy, very powerful, and very strong, so I fought very carefully and used my intelligence inside the octagon to fight him and make a great fight.

What took you so long to get back into octagon? Injuries? To take some time off?

When the fight was over, I went to Brazil to take a vacation and relax because I trained a lot and needed to take some time to relax.

You and Niko Price are two of the most exciting fighters on the roster. Did it surprise you that the UFC put you two together, or was he on your radar?

I had no plans to fight him, but I really liked him because he is a fighter who likes to put on a show and the fans like that, so I was happy. I’m also a fighter who likes to bring happiness to all the fans, make a great fight, put on a great show, and make the fans happy.

How do you like the match-up with Niko? Your fight with Niko Price is circled on many fan’s calendars- how does that make you feel?

I’m feeling really good to fight Niko Price, and I’m very happy to fight him because I’m sure we’ll have a great fight. I always love to put on great performances and a great show for fans all over the world.

How do you see the fight going?

I see the fight as a great spectacle.  It will be a great show between Niko, and I’m sure we’re going to have a spectacular fight and make the fans who will be in the T-Mobile arena go crazy.


I’m going to win the Performance of the Night, and it will be the best fight of the night, I’m sure of it.

With a win over Niko Price, what do you want next? A top 10-15 name?

After I beat Niko, I want to face Nate Diaz. I want to do a great fight, a great show with him. I would really like to fight him and give a great show to all fans in the MMA world.

How many more times would you like to fight?

I want to fight this year two or three times because I’m a guy who will always be ready for when the UFC calls on me.

Michel Pereira vs. Niko Price goes down at UFC 264 and can be seen as part of the ESPN prelims. You can also catch his media day appearance below.


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