PFL 6: Kayla Harrison Submits Cindy Dandois, Headed to Post-Season

Kayla Harrison and Cindy Dandois, PFL 6
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - JUNE 25: Kayla Harrison and Cindy Dandois in a lightweight fight during PFL 6 at the Ocean Casino Resort on June 25, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

Kayla Harrison has been a dominant force since entering the PFL. The 2019 women’s lightweight champion has remained undefeated throughout her MMA career, and on Friday at 2021’s PFL 6 card, was up against veteran Cindy Dandois.

Harrison, 30, was already a lock for the playoffs. That didn’t seem to change her approach any.

Not surprisingly, before long, Harrison had her opponent down and on her back Friday. And once there, Harrison was in her world. The two-time Olympic gold medalist managed to tie up Dandois, and rain down some heavy ground n’ pound, landing to the head. Once the opportunity presented itself, Harrison transitioned to an arm-bar — and in short order, was in position and wrenching the limb back. Shortly after, Dandois was forced to tap, giving Harrison her tenth win as a professional.

With a playoff spot already in her grasp, Harrison is now officially in the post-season — as the second seed. Competing earlier in the evening, Harrison’s nemesis, Larissa Pacheco, scored a stunning knockout of Olena Kolesnyk that left her opponent limp on the canvas.

With that win, Paccheco locked up the first seed for the post-season. That will see her paired up with Taylor Guardado in the semifinals. Harrison, meanwhile, is set to face Genah Fabian next. As it stands, Harrison has defeated Pacheco twice, both times in the 2019 season. So maybe “nemesis” is too strong a term. Still, those two wins represent the only time Harrison has gone the distance in her career. And the pair could very well meet again in the 2021 finale.

Official Result: Kayla Harrison def. Cindy Dandois by submission (arm-bar), Round 1, 4:44