UFC 263: Steven Peterson Wants ‘Loudmouth’ Nate Landwehr Next

Glendale, AZ — After picking up one of the bigger wins of his UFC career, defeating fan-favorite Chase Hooper at UFC 263, Steven Peterson made it clear who he wants next. That would be Nate ‘The Train’ Landwehr.

Peterson picked up his third UFC win on Saturday after more than a year away from the octagon. While he missed weight by 2.5 pounds and gave up 20% of his purse, he dominated the 21-year old Hooper.

During the ceremonial weigh-ins, Peterson embraced playing the villain because of the botched weight cut, and because the fans adore Hooper. He even came to his post-fight interview dressed as a ‘bandit.’

“It’s not the first time I played the bad guy; I don’t like that role, but if they are going to boo me, then I got to embrace it. I’m not going to fight that energy. I’m going to take it and use it to my advantage,” Peterson said to the media during his post-fight press scrum.

When asked who he wants next, he had a name locked and loaded.

“Nate ‘The Train.’ He’s a loudmouth. I’m a quiet, soft-spoken guy. If I gotta speak up, closed mouths don’t get fed, right? So, Nate ‘The Train’ let’s run it,” Peterson said.

When asked if the call-out was personal, Peterson doubled down and said he doesn’t like loudmouths.

“I just don’t like loudmouths. He grabs the mic, he screams. He sounds ignorant. That sells, man. People eat that sh*t up,” Peterson said. “Like his social media is through the roof, it’s ridiculous.”

“I say something that is meaningful and try to talk to kids and be a good influence; look where it gets me. It gets me to made out to be the bad guy, and no one wants to follow me on Instagram, so fu*k it, I’m going to call out some guys and get some followers.”

Watch the full UFC 263 post-fight press conference with Steven Peterson above.