Jason Jackson Next: Bellator 260’s Yaroslav Amosov Picks Opponent for First Title Defense


“A lot of people thought I was the underdog in this fight,” newly crowned welterweight champion Yaroslav Amosov exclaimed following his unanimous decision win over Douglas Lima at Bellator 260. “People knew I had better grappling but people didn’t expect me to go five rounds.”

Amosov feels that was based on his last fight, which was very tiring. “But nobody knew the situation with my last camp. And now I showed you guys, this is Sambo.”

Now 26-0, Amosov has one of the most impressive records in all of MMA. With a son on the way (something he said gave him “more motivation to be the champion”), he’s also ready to start calling his shot.

With that in mind, Amosov noted that he’s now in a position “to ask for a fight,” and he did just that at the Bellator 260 post-fight press conference. Asked about the possibility of fighting either Michael “Venom” Page or Jason Jackson, Amosov suggested a date with “The Ass-Kicking Machine.”

“I think Michael Page is a good fighter, yes, of course. But I think he must fight Douglas Lima,” Amosov said Friday. “Before this fight, I met Jackson. He’s a good guy, he’s a very positive man. We talk, he’s a good guy. We talked [about] after this fight, if I win and Jason wins, maybe we’ll [have our] next fight together. No problem.”

“I think it’s Jason Jackson,” Amosov continued on who he would fight next. “Michael Page, I think must fight Douglas Lima. He wants this fight, yes? Michael Pages says [he] wants to rematch Douglas Lima. Okay, let’s go. Michael Page and Douglas Lima. I’ll fight Jason Jackson after.”

Notably, Yaroslav Amosov was not part of 2019’s welterweight grand prix. But in the end, everything worked out the way it should. “I had an offer for the grand prix,” revealed Amosov, who noted that he had surgery that kept him out of the tournament. “We just didn’t want to go with it.”

Watch the full Bellator 260 post-fight press conference with Yaroslav Amosov above.


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