UFC 262 Results: Priscila Cachoeira Bloodies, Stops Gina Mazany

Priscila Cachoeira
Priscila Cachoeira Credit: Joao Baptista/Sherdog.com

With both Gina Mazany and Priscila Cachoeira coming off wins heading into UFC 262, their flyweight showdown wasn’t exactly a must-win. But both fighters had battled back from disappointing skids of late — and a victory Saturday would give the winner considerably more breathing room than they had had in recent memory.

Mazany and Cachoeira clinched early, with Cachoeira finding success with her right hand. Mazany, however, drove her opponent into the fence, changed levels, and landed an early takedown. With four minutes remaining and both fighters dry, that gave Gina “Danger” plenty of time to work. Cachoeira wall-walked up, but Mazany quickly put her back down. Sitting in half-guard, Mazany peppered the Brazilian with shots to the side of the head, while tying up her opponents other arm.

Back on the feet, Cachoeira once again found success with her striking. But once again, Mazany wisely, and seemingly effortlessly, took the fight back to the ground. Mazany was looking solid at flyweight, having come a long way from the fighter who missed the bantamweight limit for her UFC debut in 2017.

Mazany opened round two with a trip, immediately putting Cachoeira on her back. After some time spent in half-guard, a scramble would lead to Mazany taking the back. Cachoeira, however, was able to get back to guard. A stand-up came later in the round, with just over two minutes remaining. That led to Cachoeira landing a sharp right hand. Mazany, cut open while the pair had exchanged on the ground, was bleeding. She dropped for a takedown, but couldn’t land it. Cachoeira appeared to be fresher, and began walking her opponent down. After tagging Mazany several times, ref Mike Beltran had seen enough, waving it off.

Official Result: Priscila Cachoeira def. Gina Mazany by TKO, Round 2, 4:51


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