UFC 262: Charles Oliveira Is the A-Side

When UFC 262 goes down this Saturday, two new names will be competing for lightweight gold: Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler.

It’s been a long time coming for Charles Oliveira, who after eleven years in the UFC is finally getting his first title shot against Michael Chandler at UFC 262. At a time in mixed martial arts where the hierarchy of champions and contenders has been borderline thrown out the window, Oliveria has come in and earned his position to fight for the coveted UFC lightweight title — purely on the merit of his performances.

Oliveria is an absolute joy to watch because he is a true technician, through and through. Whether it’s in the stand up realm or the grappling department, the skill set and performances he puts on display is art. He has also managed to achieve one of the biggest feats in the sport of mixed martial arts, and that’s having longevity.

But after eleven years of grinding and stopping the best in spectacular fashion, promotion wise, he is playing second fiddle to a man who has one fight in the UFC. Michael Chandler has had to go through way less to make it to this title shot, and even still, he seems to be the man in the spotlight. But in actuality, its Oliveria that is the A side of this title fight at at UFC 262. It’s just that a lot of audience doesn’t know it yet.

Watch the video above for our preview of the UFC 262 main event.