UFC 261’s Randy Brown: “I’m Here, and I’m Coming”


Jacksonville, FL — Randy Brown was fired up after a one-armed rear-naked choke of Alex Oliveira at UFC 261. But he’s not going to tell you why unless you follow him on Twitch.

Brown (13-4) stayed mum on the bad blood that had arisen between the pair during the fight, which led to him hoisting double middle fingers after the fight. His reaction following the win was a bit of a surprise, given Oliveira had suggested the pair could be friends following the bout.

What Brown did speak to following the fight was the return of fans. “I missed the fans like crazy,” he said during Saturday’s post-fight press conference. “That just puts an extra battery in my bag. To just perform and put on a show.”

Speaking about the fight, Brown added that “his range was interesting. Studying his fights, he bounces around a lot and tries to stay long. With him, I guess ’cause I’m taller, he pressed me and he was able to crowd me instantly. He was in my punch range really fast, so that threw me off guard a little bit, but then I was able to readjust and hit the big shots I needed to hit.”

As to the statement he’s made, Brown said simply that “I’m here. I’m here, and I’m coming. I’ve had some stumbles along the way but I’m still figuring it out, and I showed that.”

Watch the full UFC 261 post-fight press conference with Randy Brown above.


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