Bellator’s Dalton Rosta Feels It Is “Time People Understand I Am a Complete Martial Artist”


Bellator’s top prospect Dalton Rosta impressed yet again and continued his undefeated way at Bellator 256. Rosta was set against Tony Johnson, a former professional boxer, who holds a 9-3 record in MMA. For much of Rosta’s career, he has been labelled a wrestler, but his last two performances have proved his is much much more.

“What’s your gameplan against a 10-1 professional boxer?” Rosta said people questioned, speaking to Cageside Press recently. “Not taking anything away from Tony Johnson, he did great things, has a great resume. Against my little measly 4-0, and apparently just a wrestler, and went in there showed I can out-box him,” Rosta continued. “Here I am another win under my belt. They said I stood no chance on the feet, [now they’re] eating their own words. Time for people to understand I am a complete martial artist.”

Post fight, Rosta called for a ranking next to his name, and told the media that he was interested in a Romero Cotton fight. Cotton and Rosta were scheduled to fight before, but an injury to Cotton caused the fight to fall through. Although not yet with a ranking next to his name, the American Top Team standout Rosta still wants the Cotton fight.

“I doubt he [Cotton] accepts,” Rosta told Cageside Press. “I guarantee Tony Johnson beats the crap out of him in the gym [Cotton and Johnson are teammates]. We are talking about somebody I just outclassed and he whoops on Romero in practice. I called Romero out just for the number next to his name, I want that top 10,” Rosta continued. “I’d definitely be in the top 10 after that.”

Watch the full interview with undefeated Bellator middleweight Dalton Rosta above.


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