UFC 255: Tim Means Replied to Mike Perry’s Cheeseburger Taunts with Broccoli

Las Vegas, NV — Mike Perry missed weight by a country mile for his fight with Tim Means at UFC 255.

That may actually be a tad heavy on the hyperbole. But Perry did come in at 175.5lbs, a full 4.5lbs over the acceptable welterweight limit for a non-title affair. Championship weight? Forget it.

Means (31-12-1, 1NC) wound up taking home a unanimous decision win in a hard fought contest. Perry had the chance for a submission early, something of a surprise. Means slowly picked him apart on the feet, bloodying Perry’s face in the process.

After the fight, Means was not at all sore about his opponent missing weight. The fine money being the main factor. “He gave me $27,000 so I don’t care about what he does,” Means told media outlets including Cageside Press.

Perry’s weight became a question mark when he began posting clips of himself chowing down on burgers ahead of the bout. Means confirmed backstage Saturday that “Platinum” had been direct messaging him on social media with similar content.

“He was sending me Instagram messages like two weeks ago, eating big cheeseburgers with onion rings on them, stuff like that. They looked delicious,” revealed Means. “He asked me how the weight cut was going, I sent him some pictures of broccoli, avocados or whatever.”

Turnabout is fair play. And Means seems to accept that stunts like that come with the territory when it comes to Mike Perry. “We knew with Mike, coming into this fight, I know him behind the scenes and stuff. What you get on camera, that’s exactly who he is off camera,” Means said. “I have nothing but respect for the guy. I know he’s going through some adversity and stuff, this sh*t will just make him stronger.”

Perry’s cheeseburger taunts weren’t the only bizarre incident attached to the pair’s UFC 255 fight. During the walkout, the wrong walkout song was played for Perry. He wound up coming out to Beyonce’s Halo, and Means revealed that when he entered the cage, Perry was actually singing. “He serenaded me, it was quite nice.”

Though Perry is known for his powerful punches, Means also told reporters that he was never hurt in the fight. “No. I thought he would hit harder than he did.”

Watch the full UFC 255 post-fight press conference with Tim Means above.