DWCS 2020 Week 9 Breakdown and Predictions

Stephanie Frausto Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Strawweight: Luana Pinheiro vs. Stephanie Frausto

Tale of the Tape

Luana Pinheiro
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BH Rhinos
Stephanie Frausto
Cincinnati, Ohio, US
Combat Sports Academy

Pros and Cons

Luana Pinheiro


  • Fast starter
  • Dangerous submission threat
  • Good judo/Head-and-arm throw
  • Agressive attack
  • Power in her hands
  • Good movement
  • Solid grappling
  • Good ground and pound


  • Wild striking
  • Will give up position at times

Stephanie Frausto


  • Solid kickboxing
  • Stays active
  • Good jab
  • Mixes it up very well/Good flow of strikes
  • Decent wrestling
  • Good ground and pound


  • Is easily hit
  • Slow

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Frausto
Speed: Pinheiro
Output/Volume: Frausto
Knockout Power: Pinheiro
Chin: Even
Kickboxing: Frausto
Footwork: Pinheiro
Wrestling: Pinheiro
Grappling: Pinheiro
Submissions: Pinheiro
Cardio: Pinheiro


Stephanie Frausto’s record may look a little rough, coming into this fight at 8-6, but she’s a lot better than her record indicates. On the feet, it’s nearly even. Frausto is far more active and has better output. Frausto does get hit a lot, mind you, and Pinheiro hits really hard which could be the difference. Pinheiro has a big advantage on the mat, but that’s if she can take Frausto down. In her favor: Pinheiro is a national wrestling champion, a national judo champ, a South-American Judo champ, and a Judo black belt. She just likes to use the head-and-arm throw which is a 50/50 position but she does have it down pat. While I do believe that Frausto is a talented woman who has performed beyond what her record shows, I just think Pinheiro has the clearest path to victory.