Finishing the Fight: UFC Vegas 13

Brendan Allen UFC
Brendan Allen, UFC Norfolk official weigh-in Credit; Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Mixed martial arts fans love a good fight-ending sequence, as often it summarizes the story of the fight in just a few seconds. Getting the finish is a definitive end to a fight that makes a statement: “I was this much better than my opponent at that particular moment in time.”

Every fighter has their go-to moves, especially specialists within certain martial arts disciplines. Their own signature styles that can lead to spectacular finishes. Whether it’s a scary-good rear-naked choke that fighters just can’t seem to avoid once going to the ground or crazy power in a straight left hand that has dropped even granite-chinned fighters with ease, each fighter has a particular finishing move or sequence. Moves that have stuck in fan’s minds and come to define and describe their careers within the cage.

For UFC Vegas 13 we will take a look at some fighters with only a few (5 or less) fights in the UFC, rather than those fighters that are long-time UFC veterans with a bunch of finishes with the promotion. 


Brendan “All In” Allen (15-3 MMA, 3-0 UFC)

Total Number of Pro MMA Finishes: 13

Via KO/TKO: 5

Via Submission: 8

Total Number of UFC Finishes: 2

Via KO/TKO: 1

(Tom Breese)

Via Submission: 1

(Kevin Holland)

Brendan Allen has had an exceptional first few fights in the UFC since bursting on the scene after his first-round finish on the Contender Series in 2019 against Aaron Jeffery. At just 24 years old Brendan Allen has very advanced wrestling and jiu-jitsu in his arsenal and has already faced some very good rising prospects in the UFC’s middleweight division.

In Brendan’s first UFC fight he faced Kevin Holland, who gave him a lot of trouble early on in the fight, including opening him up with an elbow, before Allen was able to secure a rear-naked choke in the second round.  In Allen’s very next fight against Tom Breese, he showed again just how advanced his wrestling scrambles and jiu-jitsu techniques were when he was able to get a ground n’ pound finish in the first round. Allen will be looking to keep his record perfect in the UFC at UFC Vegas 13 on Saturday.

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