UFC 254 Preview: Justin Gaethje’s Day

There is a lot to love about the lightweight title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje at UFC 254. For starters, this fight is Mixed Martial Arts in its purest form. There is no fabricated, out of the cage drama to be had here. This fight isn’t built around some storyline that’s been forced into existence for the sole purposes of promotion. Instead, this fight is strictly built on one of the greatest lightweight champions in UFC history having to defend his title against the man who is unequivocally the most deserving fighter of the opportunity .

That most deserving fighter, Justin Gaethje, has earned this position from nothing more than beating the absolute best lightweights in the world. Taking his game to the next level and refining it in the process. It’s a refreshing situation to have this kind of order to the lightweight division’s title picture. For once, the hierarchy of contenders is the determining factor of who gets the world title shot, not the marketability of personalities involved or any of that nonsense.

Justin Gaethje has an opportunity of the lifetime, and there is no question he will make the most of it at UFC 254.

For our full preview of the UFC 254 main event and Justin Gaethje’s chances against Khabib Nurmagomedov, check out the video above.