KSW 55 Main Event Ends in Style as Mamed Khalidov Flattens Scott Askham with Head Kick

Mamed Khalidov KSW 55
Mamed Khalidov Credit: KSW

Mamed Khalidov, one of the “legends” of Poland’s KSW, had been on the worst slump of his career heading into KSW 55. Three straight losses, including one to Scott Askham back in December.

Despite that unanimous decision defeat, Khalidov had landed a rematch with middleweight champ Askham, this time with the title on the line (their first meeting had been a non-title affair). And while it might have been questionable matchmaking given his recent record, Khalidov proved that the booking was the right move. That, after flattening Askham with a jumping switch kick barely over 30 seconds into the fight.

The official time came out to be thirty-six seconds into round number one. Follow-up strikes were barely necessary, as Askham was out of it upon impact.

The win sees Khalidov reclaim the middleweight title he held from 2015 until 2018, when he relinquished the title prior to a fight with Tomasz Narkun. It’s also an impressive return to form at age 40 for the Russian, who was undefeated from 2010 all the way up to the Narkun fight in 2018.

With Askham having earned the win in the pair’s first meeting, Khalidov’s performance in Lodz, Poland on Saturday could set up a rubber match between the two.


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