UFC Fight Island 4: Court McGee Excited Over an Opponent, for a Change


Ultimate Fighter 11 winner Court McGee is not a fighter who normally gets excited about opponents. That, however, has changed ahead of UFC Fight Island 4.

McGee (19-9) has been paired up with Carlos Condit for his first pandemic-era fight. As potential foils go, “The Natural Born Killer” is certainly an exciting one. Even on a five-fight skid (and with McGee on a two-fight losing streak of his own), the pairing feels like it could be something special.

“As far as training goes, and preparation, it’s like every fight. Every fight that I’ve had has been the biggest, the most important fight,” McGee told Cageside Press during this week’s UFC Fight Island 4 media day. “And I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times. That’s kind of the mindset I’ve had my entire career since day one, and first fight.”

Excitement, admitted McGee, is not something that comes often when it comes to opponents. “I remember feeling excitement, getting an opportunity to fight Jeremy Horn, but that was in my first year of competition. And it was a very different headspace. So I can’t say I’ve ever been like, ‘Oh, I’m excited for this fight,'” he recalled. “And I know I’ve said it a couple of times. But maybe that wasn’t being completely honest.”

For Court McGee, fighting is not fun. While he might enjoy the training at times, what McGee is looking to do is to hurt you, and find a way to beat you. To win. “But when I got the name Carlos Condit I, like, I don’t know that I’ve been excited for a fight, but I am excited for this fight. He’ll bring it, he won’t run, run away and run around the ring. He will bring the fight.”

Beyond that, McGee also gets to fight one of the best guys in the world. Which is the reason he’s in the sport, he noted. “And Carlos Condit is one of the best guys in the world. So not only is it a privilege, and an honor, but he’s a seasoned veteran. And anybody who knows MMA knows who Carlos Condit is. Once I posted that I was fighting Carlos, everybody’s like, ‘awesome, man,’ and every other person’s like, ‘dude, he’s my favorite fighter, but now I’m rooting for you.’ It’s just like, one of those things, man, it’s gonna be an excellent fight for the fans.”

That’s not doubt exactly what fans are hoping for this Saturday at UFC Fight Island 4 in Abu Dhabi — a fan-friendly affair full of fireworks.

Watch the full UFC Fight Island 4 virtual media day scrum with Court McGee above.


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